© Kostis Davaris
Original Production

I remember the first time I saw my mum cry.
I remember looking for chewing gums under the desk at school.
I remember that little jerk you give just before you fall asleep. Like falling.
I remember one of my favourite dreams: I could fly.

You come in. You see mattresses on the floor. You lie on them. You close your eyes. A voice starts to speak. Memories. Lots of them. Fantasies. Facts. Trivia. Snippets. Stray thoughts. Do’s and Don’ts. Long forgotten. Familiar sounds. Songs stuck in your head. Smells.

An installation/performance, inspired by Joe Brainard's book on his memories of growing up. A piece / poem that inspired many others, such as writer Georges Perec and poet Kenneth Koch, who wittingly used I remember in his attempt to teach children how to write poetry.

Concept and performance
Olga Pozeli
Art direction
Kostis Davaris
Dimitris Vergados
NOITI GRAMMI Theatre Group
In Greek
In English
Sunday 22 June 2014
15:00 | Banannefabrik