© koehlerminder
Original Production

We are Florence Minder and Karen Koehler.

We met in Luxembourg during Fundamental Monodrama Festival 2013.

On the 15th of June 2013 we started a 365-days communication project.

It led us to create a performance lasting over the FMF 2014.

We will occupy Danzsall 1.

We will be working out a manifest.

We will perform and install our selves, our lives, our ideas

with any material we want and have collected during the last year.

We will be present.

Working day time, presenting night time.

We will take impulses of what we see during the Festival.

Our work is, like our personalities, a cross-over-art-form of acting, writing, performing, and Fine Arts.

We will not violate the rules of Monodrama, although we work as a Duo.

The audience is the Monodrama.

Having one visitor at a time absorbing our universe, is the Monodrama.

Florence Minder, Karen Köhler
Friday 13 June 2014
Sunday 22 June 2014
19:30 | Banannefabrik