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I am not me! Rites of energy canalization is a music-performance act, invented by Carola Schmidt and performed by her alter ego Lulu Schmidt. A one woman orchestra (electronics, live violin, piano and vocals – all the instruments are connected to a wearable screensuit!) in the manner of classical-melancolic-dark-electric-glitter-dissonant-driven-bipolar blackouts. Because Lulu is and is not Carola. So, Lulu and Carola love and hate each other.


The performance is an artistic examination of transformation and identity which flirts with the inner turmoil that we all feel as we search for the “perfect version” of ourselves and reveals the fragility of our inevitable failure to reach this perfection.


Shimmering, glamorous and magical!


First release!

Interactive led costume
Live screensuit animation
James Hudson
Light design & operator
Sound-live mixing
Monday 11 June 2018
20:00 | Banannefabrik